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Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Adult ADD is often not recognized, evaluated, or treated early in a person's life. Although ADD is an inherited trait, many children and adolescents learn how to compensate for it and neither they nor their family members suspect its presence. Later, as they face a greater degree of stress in college or work, they will see their ability to compensate failing and will experience increased difficulty with focusing and concentration. At this time, they may question the possibility that they may have attention deficit disorder. At other times, family members or friends may ask them if they could have "a little ADD?" If they are in therapy, their therapist might suggest this possibility and recommend that their client be evaluated. 

Recognition alone may help some find better ways to cope, but for most, improvement will require a prescribed medication. Since stimulant medications are often indicated, their PCP will require a formal evaluation prior to writing a prescription. Our practice provides the evaluation to help the client confirm the presence of attention deficit disorder and, when requested, provide their PCP a report needed to help in their decision about treatment. 
ADD Testing and Evaluation

The Attention Deficit Disorder Evaluation and Testing Procedure is conducted by Dr. McVoy over two sessions. The first session is an initial evaluation which will allow the collection of medical history, family history, and the history of observed symptoms that might predict attention deficit disorder from their childhood to present. 

In the second session, the Brown Attention Deficit Scale will be administered and scored. These results will be incorporated into the report that will be submitted to the client's PCP. 

The fee for the evaluation will be $450. This charge will be collected on two separate dates: $95 collected on the date of scheduling and $355 on the date of the test procedure and report. 

These charges are not covered by insurance.  

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